Sustainable development

Meet the needs of today without compromising the ability to meet the future needs of next generations: this is the ambition of nidaplast.

Concerned about environmental issues, nidaplast innovates in the field of development sustainable. To subscribe to this approach, companies must take into consideration two important aspects: the eco-design of their products and the measurement of their carbon footprint. These two aspects have become strategic. Companies must control all sources of emissions from life cycle of their products: from manufacturing to end-of-life recycling.

The nidaplast products are light and therefore not very greedy in energy and in raw materials during their manufacturing.

they are intended for:

The production of lightweight structural sandwich panels that limit CO2 emissions during their use (for example in the transport),
Facilitate the infiltration of rainwater into the soil to maintain the water state of it.
Avoid its contamination during its runoff on areas polluted.
Store water temporarily during stormy rains to allow its deferred infiltration and / or slow down its incoming flow in the networks sanitation and treatment systems.

The carbon footprint study conducted by nidaplast and the design office per4mances makes it possible to provide our customers with tools to help them promote the use of our products in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. This software allows you to estimate the quantity of Greenhouse Gas generated by the manufacture and delivery of our products to our customers.You can now have direct access to the software for calculating our carbon footprint by depending on the product you choose (criteria to be selected).