Materials for professionals in the field of exterior design, public works and industry

Nidaplast has been manufacturing materials for professionals for over 35 years. 

Originally a designer of honeycomb core materials for the composite industry, Nidaplast has expanded its concept for landscaping professionals,for stormwater management from ground to roof. The NIDAPLAST brands for sandwich panel manufacturers and the NIDAGRAVEL gravel stabilizers for landscapers are now well-known references worldwide.

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our brands

The NIDAGRAVEL brand is the reference for gravel stabilisation. The NIDAPLAST brand is the reference for polypropylene honeycombs. Thanks to its experience in the fields of industry and rainwater, Nidaplast has developed numerous solutions to meet the demands of professionals. Discover our other brands: nidagrass, AZbox, nidaskin, nidaborder...


AZbox: rainwater retention and infiltration system from the SAUL family 


Nidagrass, slabs for grass parking lots


The nidagravel solution makes it possible to stabilize the gravel in order to create garden paths, footpaths or vehicular lanes.


Nidapan: semi-rigid reinforced honeycomb core.


Nidaplast 8: core material for structural sandwich panels.


Nidaplast 8FR: flame retardant honeycomb core.


Nidaplast EP range: honeycomb rainwater retention modules


Nidaskin: lightweight honeycomb sandwich panel

Our mission

Nidaplast, attentive to the sustainable development and to its company values, proposes innovative and competitive solutions to answer effectively and quickly to the needs of the markets and of its customers by a powerful technology.

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Sustainable development

Meeting the needs of today without compromising the possibility of meeting the future needs of the next generations: this is the ambition of Nidaplast.

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Our achievements

Gravel car parks, rainwater storage basins, lightened road embankments or lightened composite parts for boat building, Nidaplast products can be found in numerous projects throughout the world.

Transparent backfill in the main bed of a watercourse
The honeycomb in recreational vehicles
Urban parking in stabilized gravel

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