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Reference : 11112

The nidavortex is made of stainless steel, it can contain a minimum quantity of 304 L on plate with a thick HDPE support.

An effective solution for limiting water flows in ultralight cellular reservoir structures. The tangential supply of a circular chamber created by the increase in upstream pressure, generates a vortex current with the formation of an air core in its center. The simple effect of the current allows the flow rates of the water flow to be limited. The vortex effect limiter behaves like a hydraulic resistance and increases the reliability of the limitation system by a large flow section that is always constant.

Nidaplast offers several vortex references, please refer to the technical sheet to choose the dimensions suitable for your project.

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Gravel car parks, rainwater storage basins, lightened road embankments or lightened composite parts for boat building, Nidaplast products can be found in numerous projects throughout the world.

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