The nidadrain is a double-walled pipe (smooth interior for easy inspection by camera and corrugated exterior) in HDPE, 2/3 perforated.

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Reference : 10980

It is a rainwater diffusion channel in the buried basin. Also preventing suspended matter from entering the basin, it avoids any risk of clogging inside the structure. Water cleaning of pipes is possible (up to 120 bar).

The nidadrain offers high resistance (stiffness class 8 kN / m2 - stiffness class SN 8) allowing also use in drainage of highways, expressways, railways, secondary roads, residential or industrial areas, etc

Nidaplast offers 2 sizes of drains:

  • DN300

Interior color: blue

Drain length: 6 m

Internal diameter: 304 mm

External diameter: 354 mm

Internal section: 707 cm2

Perforations: ⅔

Capturing surface: 240 cm2 / ml

Slot width: 5 mm

Seamless Ends: Sleeve

Number of drains per pallet: 11 (i.e. 66 ml)

  • DN400

Interior color: green

Drain length: 6 m

Inner diameter: 396 mm

External diameter: 464 mm

Internal section: 1225 cm2

Perforations: ⅔

Capturing surface: 240 cm2 / ml

Slot width: 2.5 mm

Seamless Ends: Tulip

Number of drains per pallet: 6 (i.e. 36 ml)

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Our achievements

Gravel car parks, rainwater storage basins, lightened road embankments or lightened composite parts for boat building, Nidaplast products can be found in numerous projects throughout the world.

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