The nidatube is a double-walled HDPE pipe (smooth interior and corrugated exterior). It offers excellent resistance and resistance to high temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to + 80 ° 

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Reference : 11705

It is used to connect the lateral rainwater inlets to the nidadrain located in the lower part of a buried honeycomb basin.

Associated with an adapter sleeve, the nidatube also makes it possible to constitute a ventilation kit for the AZbox modules.

The nidatube has double walls: smooth on the inside for easy inspection by camera and ringed on the outside.

Inner tube color: green

Drain length: 6 meters

Ends: tulips with gaskets delivered separately

Nidaplast offers 2 sizes of drains

  • DN300

Inner diameter: 304 mm / outer diameter: 354 mm

Internal section: 707 cm2

Number of tubes per pallet: 11 (i.e. 66 ml)

Suitable for the lateral entry of rainwater in honeycomb blocks or for ventilation with AZbox modules

  • DN400

Inner diameter: 396 mm / outer diameter: 464 mm

Internal section: 1225 cm2

Number of tubes per pallet: 6 (i.e. 36 ml)

Suitable for lateral stormwater entry for honeycomb blocks.

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Our achievements

Gravel car parks, rainwater storage basins, lightened road embankments or lightened composite parts for boat building, Nidaplast products can be found in numerous projects throughout the world.

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