Nidaplast 8: core material for structural sandwich panels.

The nidaplast 8 is a polypropylene honeycomb structure intended to serve as a core for structural sandwich panels.

This honeycomb structure has recognized physical and mechanical characteristics that allow it to meet many requirements for the manufacture of structural sandwich parts.

The use of a honeycomb panel in the constitution of a sandwich panel makes it easy to increase the rigidity of the structure without increasing its weight.

It is a principle used in many fields, especially in cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace, railways, boating …

The materials used in the manufacture of nidaplast 8 make it an economical product which allows honeycomb technology to be generalized to all industrial issues. The nidaplast 8 offers rigidity without increasing the thickness, without increasing the weight, in fact, the honeycomb structures are light.

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