Nidaskin: lightweight honeycomb sandwich panel

The Nidaskin range consists of finished sandwich panels. They consist of a polypropylene honeycomb core and provided on each side with a previously glued skin.

There are different possible finishes. Nidaplast offers a range of nidaskin panels. The panels of the nidaskin range can be coated with polyester, non-slip polyester, non-slip FRT skins.

A personalized offer of finished panels with edges can be offered to professionals only, on request and from a certain quantity. (sandwich panels with aluminum skins or MDF skins for example ...)

Nidaskin sandwich panels are used in:

  • interior / exterior fittings, facade panels
  • partitioning, decorative partitions
  • furniture, worktops
  • passenger vehicles
  • event, scenes, sets
  • various industrial uses, raised floors, scaffolding floors …

Honeycomb sandwich panels are in great demand in several sectors and have countless advantages, which is why Nidaplast studies and designs the product adapted to the customer's project for any industrial need.

For the sale of sandwich panels to individuals, please contact our network of resellers.

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