Materials for landscaping, public works and industrial professionals

Since its creation 35 years ago, and born in Thiant near Valenciennes in France (59), Nidaplast designs, manufactures and markets its products, blocks and panels, in cellular polypropylene, for daily applications in industry, construction, public works and landscaping.

Nidaplast demonstrates its capacity for innovation and offers solutions that meet all your construction, renovation, and rehabilitation projects. Nidaplast offers a wide range of light, resistant and performing products.

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Internationally renowned brands: NIDAGRAVEL and NIDAPLAST

Inventor of polypropylene honeycomb, Nidaplast (then named Induplast) designed a manufacturing process in the 1980s to produce ultra-strong honeycomb structures while minimizing the amount of material used and reducing the weight of parts. Initially used in industry as core materials, NIDAPLAST honeycombs in 8 mm hexagonal mesh quickly established themselves in a rapidly expanding market. Today, NIDAPLAST honeycombs are used for the manufacture of sandwich panels in various sectors such as boating, automotive, railway, furniture...

In the 2000s, Nidaplast created a patent to manufacture the NIDAGRAVEL gravel stabilizer. The alveolar slabs thus created allow to maintain the gravels in the alveoli, bring a strong resistance thus facilitating the displacement of a car for example without creating holes or ruts and letting the rainwater infiltrate in the ground.