Core material for swimming pool construction

Core material for swimming pool construction

In order to ensure the resistance of the walls and bottoms of swimming pools, stressed by very strong internal and external thrusts, and by a possible surge of the water table, nidaplast offers a range nidaskin of products polypropylene honeycomb sandwich panel cores which will serve as vertical and horizontal reinforcements like rigid panels, structural panels, finished sandwich panels. The honeycomb plates combined with the polyester structure of the pool will fulfill their role of levers or compensating arms once the pool, full of water, is backfilled, also eliminating the drumskin effect on the bottom.

Composite honeycomb sandwich panels for swimming pool reinforcement.

Indeed, with the help of the water pressure exerted on the bottom of the swimming pool, the walls, held by these reinforcing structures, tend to push inwards, creating a counter-thrust canceling the lateral pressure of the water contained. The horizontal reinforcements provide a rigid connection between each vertical reinforcing element and therefore prevent any onset of horizontal bending. Thanks to the stiffened bottom making the final product less fragile, the interlocking of the basins is possible, facilitating logistics.

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