Nidagravel : recommended by the professionals of the construction industry

Nidagravel : recommended by the professionals of the construction industry

Based on its 10 years of experience and with more than 10 million square meters installed throughout Europe, nidagravel® has been awarded the label "Recommended by construction professionals 2015". This label is awarded by the company Sageret following an election carried out with 80 000 professionals. The Nidagravel® was elected for its numerous advantages such as: Aesthetics Landscapers appreciate the nidagravel® 130 to realize paths and terraces in gravel. It offers many possibilities of landscaping, such as the conception and the realization of design and contemporary gardens. It is also used for sloped walkways or basement garage access.

  • Pervious
    Loose soil, unsightly ruts, annoying puddles and dangerous potholes, nidagravel® 130 and 140 are 100% pervious. The nidagravel stabilization plates avoid the installation of gutters and unsightly buffers for the collection of runoff water. They provide a walkable surface and excellent gravel retention.
  • Ecological
    Thanks to its heat-welded geotextile, nidagravel® prevents the growth of unwanted grasses and avoids mechanical or chemical weeding. Its polypropylene composition makes it a recyclable product.
  • Crossable
    Suitable for heavy or light traffic, it is ideal for the realization of parking lots or crossable access roads, for the individual or the professional. The nidagravel® 140 has a high resistance to compression (up to 400 T/m²)

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