The nidaborder galvanized L-shape is a 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel edging allowing the creation of paths, access routes, terraces, etc. This batten is made of a steel alloy (iron and carbon) covered with a protective layer of zinc produced by electrolysis

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This L-shaped border with a length of 1.90m consists of an innovative junction and anchoring system providing a stable and aesthetic whole. The L-shape of the batten allows easy and invisible anchoring under the cladding with 20 cm galvanized steel piles.

To adapt to your needs, the nidaborder galvanized square is available in several heights: 45 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm. The heights in 45 mm and 60 mm were originally developed for installation with the nidagravel. These two heights, slightly protruding from the honeycomb plate, allow the gravel to be held on the periphery of the developed surface.

For implementation in the best conditions, it is advisable to lay the battens from left to right, in the direction of the junction tabs. This method makes it easy to attach the double fixing hooks.

The nidaborder galva is equipped with an anti-cut fold on its top edge limiting the risk of injury during and after installation


The 45mm and 60mm Galvanized Angled Nidaborders are packaged in packs of 15 curbs (28.5 ml) and 60 anchoring piles in shrink film.

The 80 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm galvanized square nidaborders are packaged in packs of 5 borders (9.5 ml) and 20 anchoring stakes in shrink film.

Our borders are delivered to the pallet:

  • Height 45 mm - 10 packages / pallet
  • Height 60 mm - 10 packages / pallet
  • Height 80 mm - 28 packages / pallet
  • Height 100 mm - 25 packs / pallet
  • Height 120 mm - 20 packages / pallet

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