The nidaborder CURVE is a T-profile in PVC or aluminum allowing to separate all styles of materials (plant, mineral, etc.) and to delimit flowerbeds, vegetated areas, contours of trees, etc.

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This edge is also used for the creation of banks of water features, the delimitation of gravel, concrete, paved traffic lanes, for tree contours, etc.).

To adapt to different projects, the Curve PVC nidaborder measures 2m and is available in different heights: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 120mm. There is also an aluminum variant with a height of 50 mm.

Depending on the height of the border used, the nidaborder CURVE has a suitable U or H junction system.

The anchoring of this batten is done simply with the nails provided. For the Aluminum version, the anchoring is carried out with site clips (not supplied).

Used in a rectilinear, curved or sinusoidal way, this batten allows all forms and allows to create separations quickly and without constraints.

To achieve perfect curves, simply cut the legs on each side of the border and give it the desired shape.

The nidaborder CURVE is placed directly on the ground or existing subgrade and does not require major foundation work. There is no waiting period for the installation, the intervention of mechanical devices is not necessary.

With a simple gesture and without tools, it is possible to transform the T profile into an L profile thanks to the breakable base of the CURVE PVC nidaborder. It can also be cut very simply with a secateurs.


The Curve PVC nidaborders are packaged in boxes of 20 pieces (40 ml) with 50 nails and 20 fittings. Our Curve PVC borders are delivered on the pallet:

  • Height 30 mm - 8 packages / pallet
  • Height 40 mm - 8 packages / pallet
  • Height 50 mm - 8 packages / pallet
  • Height 70 mm - 6 packages / pallet
  • Height 120 mm - 5 packages / pallet
  • Height 50 mm in aluminum - 8 packs / pallet

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