The nidaborder corten is a high-end border ideal for creating shape and delimiting spaces. Indeed, this batten is very appreciated by architects for its rusty steel appearance but without degradation.

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This very contemporary thick steel border gives relief to the creations by combining aesthetics and durability.

The nidaborder Corten, 1.90m long and 3mm thick, is available in 3 heights: 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.

It is made of self-skating steel with superficial corrosion. This technique allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Corten steel is a steel alloy to which chromium, copper and phosphorus are added. It is this protective layer that will greatly increase the edge's resistance to corrosion.

For a perfect finish, the junction system is integrated into the corten border and the anchor piles are also made of corten steel.

The Corten nidaborder is sold non-patinated. The oxidation period varies from 6 to 18 months after installation.


Corten nidaborders are packaged in packs of 5 borders (9.5 ml) and 15 shrink-wrapped anchor stakes. Our borders are delivered to the pallet:

  • Height 100 mm - 20 packages / pallet
  • Height 150 mm - 15 packages / pallet
  • Height 200 mm - 10 packages / pallet

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