The Nidaborder PE is a garden border designed for outdoor use, 1m long and 50mm high, made of recycled and recyclable polyethylene. Its material and its thickness of 5mm make it a flexible but robust border, resistant to frost and U.V.

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Reference : 10900

Flexible and robust, the edge adapts to your path construction projects, the delimitation of plantings or the edging of grassy surfaces. This batten exists in two colors: green or black depending on the desired aesthetic rendering.

Efficient and economical, it prevents the proliferation and invasion of unwanted grasses by perfectly delimiting the surfaces, thus reducing the constraints of weeding at the edge of the road.

Thanks to its integrated junction system, its installation is simple, fast and does not require specific equipment. Polyethylene anchor nails, combined with an 80mm base, help ensure overall stability.

This batten can be used in a straight line or in a curve. It is enough to cut the reinforcements of the border in order to make it more flexible and to carry out the desired roundings.


PE edging is delivered in packs containing 8 linear meters and 20 polyethylene nails. Our borders are delivered to the pallet:

  • Height 50 mm - 143 packages / pallet

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