The large-sized expanded polystyrene nidastyrene RA blocks (1200 x 3000 mm) are very resistant. They are suitable for large volumes of construction sites. They are used for the realization of a landscaped backfill, road backfill and building backfill.

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Reference : 11099

Lightweight polystyrene backfill

The realization of a light backfill allows to reduce the vertical or horizontal stresses applied to the support soil or to the structures on which the light materials are placed. Thanks to the use of nidastyrene RA, the backfill can receive on the surface either vegetation, pedestrian traffic areas or accessible to light and heavy vehicles.

It reduces or cancels the settlements of a compressible support soil. It limits the vertical and lateral forces exerted on a structure in order to lighten the loads and to optimize and reduce the cost of the structures on which the backfill is laid.

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