Backfill in a flood zone

The nidaplast RA is composed of rot-proof honeycomb blocks or panels.
It is particularly recommended in the case where water level fluctuations are to be feared.
Composed of 95% void, the honeycomb structure is particularly light and allows the realization of embankments that are not heavy and insensitive to water level fluctuations of a river or a river for example.

The lightened embankment in floodable area nidaplast RA also allows to gain in useful surface on a river or to solve the problem of the weak bearing capacity and the erosion of banks. The Nidaplast blocks thus allow the development of a bank with fill.

Lightweight fill with honeycomb structure for earthworks in flood-prone areas

The honeycomb lightened embankment has excellent compressive strength and can accommodate either vegetation or pedestrian or roadway traffic areas on the surface.
Fill in the major bed of a watercourse plays an important role in regulating the flow during flooding and overflow due to the honeycomb structure for floodplain.

Remblai en zone inondable