Development of equestrian and agricultural grounds

Nidaplast, a specialist in soil stabilization and stormwater management, offers reinforcement slabs for the creation or renovation of equestrian and agricultural soils.
The alveolar slabs can be filled with sand, gravel, or natural grass. They provide good stability and prevent the formation of holes or ruts.
Ideal for reinforcement, you will have the opportunity to make equestrian soil, or agricultural soil stronger. The reinforcement of an agricultural floor and reinforcement of equestrian floor ensures longevity and strength.

Equestrian or agricultural soil reinforcement honeycomb tiles

Hollow-cell slabs reinforce the supporting soil while allowing stormwater to infiltrate. The infiltration of rainwater as close to its point of fall as possible is not the only advantage of Nidaplast solutions. They also play an important role in the reinforcement, the stabilization and the practicability of the arranged external surfaces.
Particularly resistant and equipped with thick walls, they are adapted for the passage of the hoofs of the horses, or for the circulation of agricultural machines.
The applications are multiple: horse arena development, farm road development, sandy soil stabilization for stall entrances, farm road reinforcement or storage areas for farm equipment.

amenagement de sol equestre et de sol agricole