In addition to its range of products for landscaping, stabilizing or draining soils in landscaped areas, Nidaplast offers a wide choice of borders to individuals and professionals, available at our dealers.
Nidaplast always prioritizes quality and offers high-end borders such as galvanized steel borders, PVC borders, corten borders and even aluminum borders. Each edging will allow to draw and delimit cleanly all kinds of achievements, from the floor to the roof.
Depending on the application or the desired aesthetic rendering, Nidaplast offers a wide range of professional voliges.

Galvanized steel battens

The border most commonly used with our nidagravel honeycomb tiles, is the "nidaborder galva angle".
The border comes in various heights, but we recommend using the 45mm height with nidagravel slabs.
The base of the volige measures 40mm and its angled shape allows the gravel stabilizer to be placed against it. This galvanized steel rod is highly resistant to various weather conditions.

Galvanized steel battens also come in flat form.

Sheets for making curves

Nidaplast offers PVC curbs or aluminum curbs to make it easier to create your flowerbeds, driveways, water banks... The flexible edgings can be easily transformed into a T-profile or L-profile thanks to their breakaway base.

Polyethylene battens

The recycled PE (polyethylene)borders, are both flexible and very strong. The polyethylene edgings are flexible and easy to bend. They are economical and efficient. Ideal for your garden or lawn, they are quick and easy to install without the need for special materials. They come with polyethylene nails allowing a good anchoring of the border in the bottom of the form.

Nidaborder by T'courb

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