Honeycomb cutting and shaping of composite panels

Nidaplast offers a custom cutting service to better manage your production costs.

Nidaplast adapts to your needs and offers the supply of honeycomb parts in the desired formats.
From format cutting, strip cutting or the assembly of cut honeycomb, Nidaplast studies each request from the layout to the implementation to best meet your applications thanks to its nidaplast cutting tool.
Each project is managed in close collaboration with the customer by our technical department: technical exchange for the choice and use of materials, technical specifications, provision of complete ready-to-use solution.

Cost reduction and scrap optimization

The Nidaplast Kits (Nidaplast 8 and Nidaplast 8RI) provide complete control over material costs, optimizing offcuts and reducing costs and set-up time. These kits ensure a time and money saving which is not negligible.
Using our Nidakits allows you to obtain a comfort of use and a time saving on the manufacturing.

Benefits of nidaplast kits

  • Pre-cut honeycomb parts
  • High precision cutting
  • Ready to use
  • Save time
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Optimizes efficiency
  • Increases productivity
  • Eco Responsibility: No waste to process

We sell exclusively to professionals with an order threshold.
If you are a professional, contact us to review your requests.