Installation of green roofs

In recent years, vegetated roofs have been attracting increasing interest. In addition to the aesthetic aspect of the construction, these show other equally interesting benefits such as:

  • the reduction of runoff peaks during rainy events,
  • the reintroduction of biodiversity in urban areas,
  • the reduction of heat islands,
  • the protection of the waterproofing membrane in flat roof...

Among the various techniques, extensive flat roof cultivation allows for simple vegetation of a grown roof without special reinforcement of the supporting structure.

Vegetated honeycomb roof tiles

The garden roofs provide sound insulation: the vegetated earth is one of the best acoustic insulators, it absorbs sound waves. In particular, they help to reduce the noise of the urban environment. A 12 cm thick substrate can reduce airborne noise by nearly 40 dB

Nidaplast offers the nidaroof product with its storage layer placed under the crop allowing easy regulation of rainwater.

plaque pre-cultivee pour toiture vegetale