Light backfill in wetlands

The honeycomb structure of nidaplast RA materials is particularly suitable for addressing issues related to drainage and the installation of wetland embankments.
Thanks to its void ratio of over 95%, the honeycomb structure of nidaplast RA blocks allows for vertical water drainage. A very effective solution that can be placed during wetland works and will serve as floodplain embankment.

A fill suitable for compressible soils

A natural soil has physical characteristics of texture, structure, weight and porosity that may make it unsuitable for road applications, for example.

Nidaplast RA decreases or negates the settlement of a compressible support soil.
Aligning extreme lightness and strength,nidaplast backfills mitigate the effect of vertical loads, support the weight of pavements and the dynamic forces of traffic without creeping. The risks of settlement are thus eliminated. In addition, lateral thrusts from adjacent embankments are virtually eliminated, thus contributing to the durability of the structures built.

Economical and durable lightweight backfill with wetland honeycomb slabs

The lightness of nidaplast blocks and the durability of the achievements generate savings at all stages of implementation (the density of nidaplast RA is 50 times lower than that of a conventional embankment) and maintenance: no re-loading or re-profiling of the embankments is necessary over time.