Lightening of composite parts in lamination / projection

Nidaplast sheets made of extruded polypropylene honeycomb are coated on both sides with a plastic film and a non-woven fabric facilitating lamination, bonding or infusion techniques.

Why choose stratification with nidaplast honeycomb?

  • the possibility of complex and scalable shapes without large investments
  • the flexibility of the manufacturing process and the lamination process
  • the realization of small series (less than 500 pieces) and medium series (less than 1,000 pieces)
  • the right technical-economic compromise

Polypropylene honeycomb panels for lamination and projection

Nidaplast 8 has a polyester nonwoven that provides an ideal surface for direct lamination of polyester (or other) type thermosetting resins.
With the multitude of resin formulations and processing techniques, however, there is always a need to ensure their compatibility with Nidaplast. Nidaplast core composite panels can be made by contact lamination or simultaneous spraying in particular.

Learn our video tips for laminating Nidaplast products such as composite panels for lamination and lightweight structural panels. You will be able to knowhow to laminate honeycomb and how to laminate nidaplast.

We sell exclusively to professionals with an order threshold.
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composites pour projection

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