Lightweight backfill for engineering structures

Nidaplast offers an original and high-performance response to the public works, construction and landscaping industries thanks to ultra-light and highly resistant solutions for the lightening of road embankments and for the lightening of landscaped massifs. Ultra-lightweight honeycomb structures (ULS) provide bank landscaping as well as soil reinforcement or even the creation of bridge embankments. They act as a retaining wall and they also provide stable, durable and aesthetically pleasing soil.

Substituting a conventional fill weighing approximately 1800 kg with a fill 50 times lighter is intended to reduce the vertical or horizontal stresses applied to the supporting soil or structures on which the lightweight materials are placed for a lighter landscape beds. In effect, this contributes to lighter loads and stronger soils.

Lightweight honeycomb slabs for road and landscape fill

The use of Nidaplast lightweight landscape embankments is suitable for replacing concrete slabs and it is a simple and economical alternative to traditional soil reinforcement solutions for:

  • Either reduce or cancel settlements of a compressible soil support,
  • So as to limit the vertical and lateral forces exerted on an engineering structure or a building in order to optimize and reduce the cost of the structures on which the fill is applied.

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