Lightweight composite sandwich panel

Nidaplast offers its quality part finishing service with its "Nidaskin" line.
Finished sandwich panels consist of a polypropylene honeycomb core and a range of different skin types. A sandwich panel can be used as a partition or structural piece, as well as a building block for interior fittings and furniture. The sandwich structure allows for shear or flexural work with greater strength while maintaining optimal lightness.
These lightweight honeycomb panels are particularly suitable for partitioning, furniture, worktops, passenger vehicles, event planning or even various industrial uses. They guarantee time savings and an excellent optimal strength-to-weight ratio.

Sandwich panel with honeycomb core

This offer allows the customization of nidaskin products according to customers' specifications and specific requests.
Thanks to its expertise in honeycomb, Nidaplast can respond to requests with a tailor-made offer, playing as well on the dimensions, as on the thickness, the skin used, the anti-fire possibilities, etc.

We sell exclusively to professionals from an order threshold.
If you are a professional, contact us to study your requests.

panneau sandwich léger composites

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Nidaskin sandwich panels consist of a polypropylene honeycomb core , 8mm mesh. They have a previously...