Networks and sanitation

Stormwater retention ponds prevent flooding during storm events and regulate the flow of water to be treated downstream of the systems. It is a highly efficient system that stores stormwater. As for the infiltration basin, it manages rainwater runoff and avoids flooding.
Nidaplast designs and manufactures modular honeycomb blocks and has feedback from more than one million m3 installed.

Honeycomb stormwater retention and infiltration basin accessories

The Nidaplast range with its nidaplast EP, nidaflow and AZbox modules is presented as the safest system on the market.
Nidaplast also offers a wide choice of complementary products such as:

  • drains
    The "nidadrain" developed by Nidaplast serves as a channel for the diffusion of rainwater in the buried basin and avoids any risk of clogging the structure.
  • flow regulators: to limit stormwater flows in stormwater discharges and retention basins
  • stormwater decantation and pre-treatment accessories
    Faced with the problem of water quality, Nidaplast offers an innovative concept upstream of its buried structures to protect the natural environment.
    The "nidatreatment" filters TSS (Suspended Solids), hydrocarbons, heavy metals, linked to the leaching of impermeable surfaces.
  • manholes
    Nidaplast offers lightweight polyethylene manholes, easy to handle and install.

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