Rainwater management on roofs

Roofing has become an available space that can store rainwater while integrating nature into urban areas and barren areas.
As city drainage systems have become insufficient during major storms, deck roofs or vegetated roofs can effectively contribute to flow limitation and roof relief.

Temporary rooftop stormwater storage

The roof water retention is recognized as a relevant economic alternative technique. Current design standards (NF DTU 43.1: "Roofs intended for temporary retention of rainwater") limit this function to inaccessible roofs with gravel. Protection against flooding, reduction of stormwater pollution, and the return of nature to the city are assured.

In application of the European Framework Directive (WFD) gathering all European laws on water management, a growing number of communities have already opted for a policy of stormwater management at the parcel.
With its Super Lightweight Alveolar Structures (SAUL), Nidaplast offers a range of products allowing controlled and sustainable management of rainwater on roofs as an alternative technology.

Hollow-cell tile for rainwater regulation

Nidaroof panels made of honeycombs retain water in their cells and participate in the regulation of heavy rainfall by extending the time it takes for rainfall to drain and evacuate into stormwater systems.
Discharges to natural environments and volumes of water sent to the networks are thus greatly reduced: some of the water can be reduced by evaporation or evapotranspiration if the flat roof is covered with vegetation.

Not only does Nida have a positive impact on the environment, but it also helps to reduce the amount of water sent to the networks.

Not only does Nidaplast remain sensitive to the proper management of rainwater, but Nidaplast also thinks about the aesthetics and practicality of our roofs or balconies. We offer landscaping and sports solutions on roofs, sports field or balconies to take advantage of this available surface in the city.

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