Support for shock absorbing floors

Nidagreen honeycomb tile is an ideal substrate for making cushioning floors such as recreational surfaces and sports floors. Honeycomb tiles are an excellent support for shock-absorbing floors, provide high compressive strength and allow for permeable and durable stabilized floors. This process also helps in the natural drainage of rainwater in theplaygrounds and ensures optimal drainage of soccer fields or any other sports stadium. Nidagreen sheets provide temporary water storage and allowprogressive infiltration of rainwater into the supporting soil. Thus, the floors are stabilized, non-slippery and frost resistant.

A draining honeycomb slab support for cushioning floors

Used as a pouring substrate for shock-absorbing floors, Nidagreen can be laid on a porous subgrade and provides natural stormwater drainage.

Whatever application is chosen, nidagreen allows water to seep into the ground during heavy rainfall, leaving a non-slippery, frost and UV resistant floor.
On a waterproof surface, such as a concrete slab, the nidagreen sheet will be combined with the "Geoflow" drainer. Placed underneath the nidagreen, the three-dimensional Geoflow grid provides horizontal water drainage.

Fast site execution

The Nidagreen plate eliminates the need for a concrete slab, allowing for quick job site execution. No drying time is required. The slab made of 8 mm diameter cells is "ready to use. It is laid directly on the natural ground and can be cut to the desired dimensions. It can be cut with a circular saw or a cutter. Its use is very practical in areas that are difficult to access.

The Nidagreen substrate can also accommodate pebble mats or resinous pavements made of marble/quartz or crushed aggregates.

support pour coulée amortissante