Three-dimensional HDPE grid with very high horizontal drainage capacity.

Two wires crossed at 60 °.

Thermo-bonded needle-punched underside geotextile on 1 side.

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Reference : 10887

Landscaping applications:

This grid is suitable for nidagreen and nidasport honeycomb panels. Used on a waterproof slab, the three-dimensional grid allows horizontal drainage of rainwater under the alveolar plates

Rainwater management applications:

This grid is used above the nidaplast / nidaflow honeycomb blocks, this three-dimensional grid allows air evacuation during tanks filling.

Roll of 50 m x 2 m - thickness 4 mm

Product-related applications

Our achievements

Gravel car parks, rainwater storage basins, lightened road embankments or lightened composite parts for boat building, Nidaplast products can be found in numerous projects throughout the world.

Urban parking in stabilized gravel
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The honeycomb in recreational vehicles