Development of sports ground with artificial turf on the ground or on the roof.

An alternative solution, under construction or under renovation, nidasport is a light and draining honeycomb plate that allows rapid implementation of sports fields.

An alternative solution, under construction or under renovation, nidasport is a light and draining honeycomb plate that allows rapid implementation of sports fields.

Associated with a compacted and porous shaped base, it allows perfect buffering of water under the synthetic turf before its natural infiltration into the ground.

On waterproofing, on the roof or on a concrete slab, the nidasport, associated with a Geoflow-type drainage system, ensures the raising and evacuation of rainwater under the synthetic turf, thus avoiding any water stagnation or formation of tarpaulins on the ground. 

A draining synthetic turf floor for sports fields

The nidasport allows temporary storage of rainwater. Lightweight and draining, it offers possibilities for techno-economic optimization of the concrete slab and prevents the formation of puddles on sports grounds.

On a leveling layer of the sandy type, the nidasport, thanks to its resistance and rigidity, ensures the durability of the flatness over time.

Nidasport is a synthetic turf tile that can be used for the construction of different sports fields for effective drainage of rainwater:

Development solution for tennis courts

The polypropylene honeycomb plate, which is permeable, stable and shock-absorbing, is combined with synthetic turf or resin. This contributes to the drainage of tennis courts.

The combination makes the sports field very comfortable and durable, quiet (no running noise, no ball bounce noise) with perfect grip even in rain to remove puddles on the tennis court and standing water on the tennis court.

Layout solution for football fields, cricket ...

Very resistant to compression, nidasport synthetic turf tiles are also flexible enough to adapt to the terrain without the risk of instability or overhang.

Combined with synthetic turf tiles, football pitches become comfortable, absorb shocks and do not require maintenance.

In 2014, a football field was built on a flat roof with zero slope, at Porte Pouchet in Paris. 8,000 m2 of 60 mm thick nidasport (approximately 50 liters / m2 of water storage) were installed. The extruded polypropylene honeycomb plate is covered with a non-woven geotextile on both sides and was the subject of a technical experimentation assessment by CSTB (Atex), on July 11, 2012, n ° 1915.

In 2013, two football pitches were built on the roof of an IKEA shopping center in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 16,000 m2 of nidasport honeycomb panels were installed.

A protective geotextile was unrolled over the waterproofing membrane, then the 28 mm thick nidasport plates were laid on a drain, in cross joints. A 12 mm thick roll of shock pad was placed on the plates before receiving the synthetic turf. The latter was weighted with sand 0.8 / 0.6 mm (21 kg / m2) and 6 kg / m2 SBR / TPE.

In 2011, a small sports field was built on a compacted sand screed in Vlaardingen in the Netherlands. 700 m² of nidasport have been installed and allow the sports surface to gain in durability while ensuring perfect flatness. The players look forward to having a practicable terrain at their disposal even after heavy rains. Indeed, the 95% vacuum of the honeycomb panels allow the temporary storage of rainwater under the synthetic turf. The storage capacity of a 28mm nidasport plate is 24 liters / m2.

Drainage synthetic turf landscaping solution for golf courses

The high storage capacity (95%) of the tiles offers an alternative solution for good rainwater management for surfaces such as synthetic turf on a golf course.

With a thermal insulation coefficient of approximately 0.3 / m² / ° C, the honeycomb plates protect the foundation from frost and allow, depending on the climatic regions and the existing soils, to reduce the thickness of the earthwork. of about 30 cm and make the soil draining for sports ground.

The plates, light and large, allow rapid installation.

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