The nidaevent is a tube used for ventilation at the top of the underground honeycomb rainwater basin, of the nidaplast EP or nidaflow type.

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Reference : 11704

Placed on the last layer of the nidaplast blocks and associated with the three-dimensional Geoflow grid or with a layer of pebbles, it allows the evacuation of the air from the basin to the ventilated manhole in order to obtain a pressure balance inside the basin.

The walls of the tube are smooth on the inside and corrugated on the outside and it is made primarily from HDPE.

The length of the drain is 6 meters, the internal diameter is 102 mm, the external diameter is 118.5 mm and its internal section is 82 cm2

The nidaevent tube is perforated on ⅔, the capturing surface is 60 cm2 / ml.

The nidaevent tube has good temperature resistance from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C.

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