Development of natural grass car parks

The nidagrass IG040 slabs are used for the realization of parking areas in shopping centers, public car parks, parking lots on grassy areas and on industrial sites ...

The nidagrass IG040 slabs are used for the realization of parking areas in shopping centers, public car parks, parking lots on grassy areas and on industrial sites ...

To delimit the parking spaces, marking caps are also available.

Discover some examples of realizations with nidagrass slabs:

Development of the captaincy car park in natural grass

In April 2015, the Arcachon harbor master's office chose to develop its car park with the nidagrass solution. The nidagrass grassed slabs respond perfectly to the problems of resistance and aesthetics related to the project. They allow to mix vegetal and mineral surfaces in a harmonious way.

The thickness of the thick walls ensure a high resistance of the plate for use in semi-intensive traffic.

The conservation of the green space in this car park makes it possible to reduce the waterproofed surface and to preserve the natural infiltration of water near the basin.

Permeable parking lot of a university

In 2016, the University of Lille 2, to ensure the renovation of its parking lot dedicated to faculty, opted for pre-grassed nidagrass slabs (pre-cultivated at one of our partners).

This solution offers rapid implementation and immediate practicability, resulting in a reduced duration of the inaccessibility of the parking area.

The thick walls of the natural turf slab offer vehicles the ability to move around without damaging the turf. Aesthetic, permeable and durable, nidagrass is a quality alternative for the development of parking in urban areas.

Grass slabs are suitable for parking spaces on short-lived grass areas. The grass must receive a daily light supply and have a certain "breathability".

Grassed parking lot of a commercial area thanks to natural grass slabs

As part of the establishment of a Burger King in Labège, located in the urban area of ​​Toulouse, 400 m² of nidagrass were installed to create the customer parking area.

For this project, the hollow core slabs were sold empty. Filling of the slabs with a substrate and suitable seeds was carried out on site. The final level of the filling, after settling, must be at least 1 cm below the edge of the nidagrass slab, thus allowing the grass roots not to be torn off when vehicles pass.

It is preferable to open the accessibility of the site once the grass is up and the vegetation has taken root deeply.

This reinforced natural grass car park, built over a Nidaflow EP rainwater basin, offers an aesthetic, natural and stable result while keeping the car park permeable.

Used in an area with high traffic, the IG040 natural grass slab, combining resistance and high capacity for stormwater drainage, will limit the creation of ruts, holes and puddles while preserving the grass.

Coupled with conventional parking areas, natural grassed car parks make it possible to create additional parking areas, within the framework of the ALUR law. Grassed parking spaces must be vacated for several hours during the day in order to allow the grass to regenerate.

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