The nidagrass NG040 grass tiles are low density recycled polyethylene (LDPE) sheets to be sodded. They have been specially designed to guarantee a stable and drivable lawn surface, without the formation of ruts, hollows or puddles.

Dimensions: 500 x 500 mm / Thickness: 40 mm

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Reference : 10906

Slab for turf reinforcement

Thanks to their high-quality raw material, nidagrass grass tiles remain strong and flexible over time, with ideal elongation and shrinkage constraints. The honeycomb structures of these slabs reinforce natural grass and grassed surfaces.

Nidagrass slabs are hollow core slabs that can withstand a load of up to 310 tonnes / m² and an axle load of up to 20 tonnes.

Nidagrass NG040 for optimal resistance

nidagrass NG040: dimensions 500x500 mm - thickness 40 mm - mass per unit area/ 5.2 kg / m2

The walls of the slab are thick: from 3 to 5.5 mm. The size of the cells is approximately 65 mm in diameter.

The nidagrass NG040 slab has 4 fixing points per side, which makes it easy to attach the slabs to each other.


  • A palette of nidagrass NG040 slabs contains 260 slabs, i.e. 65 m2.

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Development of natural grass car parks

Development of natural grass car parks

The nidagrass IG040 slabs are used for the realization of parking areas in shopping centers, public car parks, parking lots on grassy areas and on industrial sites ...