Drainage trench

Drainage trench, percolation trench or infiltration trench, our alternative techniques to achieve them.

The principle of the draining trench (also called filtering trench) is to collect runoff water via a network, outlets, etc. If the surface layer of the soil is sufficiently permeable, runoff water can be collected from above. For low permeability soils, a drain will be installed in the lower part of the drainage massif, thus simplifying the evacuation of water to a rainwater network.

The drainage trench is installed perpendicular to the axis of runoff flow. Nidaplast Ultralight Alveolar Structures will collect rainwater and store it, increasing the soil's natural infiltration capacity. Nidaplast honeycomb blocks store a large amount of water (block vacuum rate greater than 95%). The blocks have 2 dimensions: 2400x1200 or 1200x800 mm. This last dimension is particularly suitable for the construction of draining trenches. A 1200x800x520 mm module can hold 500 liters of water!

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The Nidaplast EP and Nidaflow EP rainwater management modules are polypropylene honeycomb blocks (2400...