Nidagrass, slabs for grass parking lots

The nidagrass tiles have been designed to guarantee a stable, durable and permeable grassed surface. They allow you to travel on the lawn with a vehicle without the appearance of ruts, holes or puddles.

Thanks to the use of high quality raw materials, nidagrass tiles are flexible and very resistant. The laying of tiles for grass car parks is very easy thanks to a clip assembly system.

Empty or grassed lawn tiles

The nidagrass plates can be sold empty or sodded.

For nidagrass slabs sold empty, to be sodded, spring and early fall are the ideal times to seed the grass.

After sowing, you will have to wait until the grass is dense enough for it to be passable.

Before laying the plates, make sure that a form base has been correctly made. This must be able to withstand the passage of vehicles and be sufficiently draining.

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