Nidapan: semi-rigid reinforced honeycomb core.

Me semi-rigid reinforced honeycomb.

The reinforced and semi-rigid Nidapan honeycomb cores make it possible to produce remarkably efficient sandwich structures when combined with rigid, thin and mechanically resistant skins.

The materials traditionally used in the building industry, such as natural stone (marble, granite, sandstone, etc.), glued to a structural sandwich panel, pave the way for innovative solutions in the field of architecture.

The use of the Nidaplast composite core in these sandwich panels allows structures to be significantly lightened while improving the resistance of natural stone.

Rigid panels for load-bearing and self-supporting structures

Thus, this combination is found in the realization of load-bearing and self-supporting structures such as floors, floors on pedestals, stair treads ...

  • Nidapan: rigid panel / lamination or gluing possible on one side
  • Nidaplast 8: core panel requiring lamination or gluing on both sides

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