Nidaplast EP range: honeycomb rainwater retention modules

For more than 30 years, Nidaplast has been offering solutions for rainwater management.

Nidaplast rainwater storage modules are made of honeycomb. This alveolar shape brings great compressive strength to the blocks and makes it possible to carry out structures buried under car parks, commercial areas or under green spaces ...

Nidaplast honeycomb blocks are used for different applications:

  • rainwater infiltration basins
  • rainwater retention basins
  • fire reserves
  • storm basins,
  • drainage trenches
  • lost wells ...

Nidaplast EP and Nidaflow EP blocks are Ultra-Light Alveolar Structures (SAUL). Made up of 95% vacuum, they allow quick and easy installation.

Honeycomb modules are clean and self-healing. A hydrocycling study has shown that a system of drains in the lower part of the structure prevents the intrusion of pollution inside the blocks and ensures the sustainability of the buried basin throughout the life of the structure. 'work.

SAUL Nidaplast EP modular blocks also make it possible to prevent flooding by having a rainwater regulation system and easily adapt to any type of constraint.

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