Thick slabs for creating permeable grass surfaces.

Associated with the PAV65 slab, it allows the creation of mixed surfaces in paving stones, grass and gravel.

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Reference : 13024

Grass Grid

The NGR65 grid makes it possible to create permeable car parks, access routes or paths, and occasional fire brigade accesses.

The NGR65 is a slab made of recycled and recyclable materials designed to accommodate grass.

The dimensions of the slab are 500x500 mm and 65 mm thick.

NGR65 grid, when filled with grass and combined with gravel and/or paving stones, promotes greening in urban areas.

The slab geometry, featuring open, interconnected cells, fosters the threedimensional growth of the lawn and its root system.

Its significant thickness leaves more room for the infill substrate, thus promoting lawn longevity.

Complementary grids for more ecological urban spaces

Ocity range comprises two slabs used to create stable, combined arrangements that are suitable for vehicle access, with the use of different filling materials. Each of the two slabs was conceived and designed to address several issues: ground stabilisation, vegetation integration, the aesthetic appeal of combined layouts, permeability and rapid rainwater infiltration.

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