Nidaplast 8HP is a polypropylene honeycomb intended as a core for high density structural sandwich panels.

Nidaplast 8HP has a higher density than nidaplast 8. The walls of its cells are thicker and allow it to obtain superior mechanical characteristics.

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High density honeycomb panel

The nidaplast 8HP honeycomb panels are manufactured at our industrial site in France, the sandwich panels are impact resistant and high density.

The Nidaplast 8HP product has the "Naval Approval Certificate" issued by the DNV. Germanischer Lloyd certificate.

Large panel dimensions: 2500 x 1220 mm
Different thicknesses: from 5 to 50 mm
Cell size: 8 mm
Indicative surface mass for a 20 mm panel: 2.2 kg / m2

The honeycomb has a density of 100 kg / m3 which increases resistance to impact and compression.
Indeed the compressive strength of Nidaplast 8HP is 2.6 Mpa (260 Tons / m2)

The Nidaplast 8HP composite sandwich panel is covered with a polyester non-woven fabric and a 50 μm PP plastic film, heat-sealed to the honeycomb.
The plastic film makes it possible to ensure the tightness of the honeycomb and thus to avoid significant consumption of glue or resin.
The 45g / m2 nonwoven ensures good mechanical cohesion between the honeycomb and the skin that will be applied to it.

The honeycomb is made of polypropylene, a durable and 100% recyclable material.
The honeycomb structure composed of 95% vacuum uses little material while ensuring high mechanical properties.

We sell exclusively to professionals from an order threshold.
If you are a professional, contact us to study your requests.

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