The honeycomb in recreational vehicles

Nidaplast designs and manufactures sandwich panels for the construction of camper vans, caravans, pick-ups, etc. and thus allows, thanks to the lightness of the honeycomb core, to reduce diesel consumption.

In February 2019, the magazine "le monde du camping-car" explains the interest in using the nidaplast honeycomb: "The fight against overweight begins right upstream of the supply chain, with the sandwich panels. The basis weight of a honeycomb panel, for an indicative thickness of 20 mm, is approximately 25% less than that of an equivalent panel in traditional plywood."

The magazine lists the possible applications of honeycomb panels: "The composite honeycomb structure is mainly used for areas subject to mechanical stress: living area floor, double floor or bunker lining. Potentially this structure can also be used on all furnishings, and is appreciated for table tops."

Finally, the magazine ends by citing the notable advantages of the honeycomb sandwich panel: "Its lightness contributes to lowering the vehicle's consumption, while optimizing the payload. And its rot-resistance gives it excellent resistance over time, avoiding the replacement of a wooden panel victim of infiltration and ensuring an aspect promoting the resale of the second-hand motorhome."

The nidaplast composites range offers semi-finished or finished products, which also find application in other sectors. Nidaplast can answer to special productions on customer specificities. The panels can be reinforced with different inserts and can easily be cut and shaped, while facilitating sound and thermal insulation.

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