Lightening of composite parts by bonding

Nidaplast sheets are composite materials for bonding composed of extruded polypropylene honeycombs. They are coated on both sides with a plastic film and a non-woven fabric facilitating lamination, bonding or infusion techniques.

Why choose bonding with nidaplast honeycombs?

  • the ability to glue any type of facing: wood, stone, metal, ceramic, composites, Corian, Solid surface...
  • the flexibility of the manufacturing process: adaptable to the desired rates
  • the right technical-economic compromise

Honeycomb composite material for bonding

Bonding with a composite material holds several advantages. Indeed, the polyester nonwoven present on the nidaplast offers an ideal surface for direct bonding of structural adhesives; whether they are single component, two component, hotmelt, polyurethane, epoxy or other nature. Opt for Nidaplast honeycomb composite bonding material, a lightening solution that proves to be effective.

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