Nestaplast panels are 8mm honeycomb structures.

These polypropylene panels serve as the core of glued sandwich panels.

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Honeycomb core for gluing process

Their surface coating (non-woven polyester and plastic film) serves as an adhesion support to the coating applied. Nestaplast is intended for bonding facings both with traditional techniques and with less expensive techniques using heat-sealing films. It makes it possible to bond almost all types of materials, for applications in many fields: building, transport, boating, industrial equipment, sport, leisure, etc.

Our range includes several types of large size panels: 2500 x 1220 mm
Different thicknesses: from 5 to 80 mm
Cell size: 8 mm
The honeycomb has a density of 65 kg / m3 which allows good resistance to impact and compression.

We sell exclusively to professionals from an order threshold.
If you are a professional, contact us to study your requests.

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The honeycomb in recreational vehicles

The honeycomb in recreational vehicles

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