Natural grass reinforcement

The number of grassed and drivable areas has increased significantly in recent years, meeting a growing demand from cities.
The creation of vegetated areas reduces water pollution, promotes water infiltration and evaporation, thus reducing temperatures in city centers during hot weather events.

Pervious and sustainable grassed parking lots

The nidagrass honeycomb slabs were designed for the creation of stable, moderate-use green surfaces.
Nidagrass slabs are accessible to vehicles. Nidagrass allows the turf to remain in good condition, without the formation of ruts, potholes and puddles.
However, since grass is composed of grasses, it is advisable for a grassed parking lot, to free up parking spaces for a sufficient number of hours to receive light and water and to limit the number of vehicle rotations per day.
Nidagrass honeycomb tiles can be combined with nidagravel gravel stabilizers, thus combining mineral and vegetation in parking areas for example.

Tough honeycomb tiles suitable for multiple uses

Thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials, nidagrass honeycomb tiles are flexible and highly resistant.
The applications are numerous, for the realization of carriageways, natural grass parking lots, fire access roads, runways, campground or golf course development, not to mention the reinforcement of slopes or the stabilization of roadside verges.

Nidaplast's honeycomb tiles are specifically designed for reinforcing natural grass and for stabilizing grassed parking lots.

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