Support slab for synthetic turf

Inert, draining, storing, and perfectly flat, nidagreen and nidasport honeycomb sheets allow for the creation of synthetic turf floors. These honeycomb structures are ultra-light and are ideal for playground floors, golf courses and tennis courts. They provide storage of rainwater and as a result they promote soil drainage.

The nidagreen slabs are made of very resistant honeycombs.
By distributing the punching forces, without bringing any overload, the nidagreen or nidasport can adapt to the topographical constraints of the ground. In addition, the large dimensions of the slab and its low weight allow it to follow the shape of the ground and thus allow its optimization. They are easily installed on a synthetic grass on a balcony for example and avoid the formation of puddles in case of heavy rain.

A honeycombed support for storage or drainage of rainwater on synthetic turf

Composed of cells, the nidagreen or nidasport slab offers a high capacity of rainwater storage (95% void) and allows minimizing the drainage network.
During heavy storm rains, for example, the water will be temporarily stored in the cells before joining the drainage network. The nidagreen or nidasport sheet thus serves as a buffer tank, leaving the sports field playable.

On flat roofs, nidagreen, nidasport honeycomb slabs will be highly valued for their lightness and ease of installation.

These honeycomb slabs, light and resistant will find their place in various applications such as the replacement of a natural grass in synthetic turf, the development of a balcony in synthetic turf, a playground for children, a sports field in artificial turf (golf course, tennis court, cricket field...)