The PAV65 tile offers a robust solution for creating permeable paver pavements.

Associated with the NGR65 slab it allows the creation of mixed surfaces in paving stones, grass and gravel.

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Reference : 13023

Slab for paving stones

The PAV65 slab makes it possible to create permeable car parks, access roads or paths or even public squares.

The PAV65 slab is a slab made of recycled and recyclable materials designed to accommodate 9 trafficable paving stones measuring 150x150x60mm.

The dimensions of the slab are 500x500 mm and 65 mm thick.

Limit stormwater runoff:

Its design ensures the stability of the surface while promoting the infiltration of rainwater into the supporting soil.

100% permeable PAV65 slabs provide a response to new regulations which require in particular the creation of permeable surfaces for new constructions, whether public or private.

Aesthetic and driveable slabs:

The design of the slab suggests the use of 6 cm thick paving stones, which is a reference thickness for light vehicle traffic. Which is not the case for current solutions associated with thinner paving stones.

The paving slab also makes it easy to demarcate parking spaces by using paving stones of different colors, but also PRM spaces.

A new conception of urban spaces:

The PAV65 tile belongs to the Ocity range from Nidaplast. The Ocity range is a set of tiles and accessories intended for the development of permeable mixed surfaces.

The paved slab can be combined with the NGR65 slab which accommodates grass or gravel. Combined together, these slabs make it possible to create a stable, driveable and mixed whole with the use of different filling materials. Each of the two slabs was designed and designed to address several issues: soil stabilization, integration of plants, the aesthetics of a mixed layout, permeability and rapid infiltration of rainwater.

Our products are sold exclusively to professionals.


A pallet contains 156 PAV65 tiles, or 39 m2.

The pavers are not sold with the slabs.

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