NIDAGRAVEL NG040 grids can be used to create permeable gravel car parks. 

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Reference : 12270

New design.

NG040 honeycomb grids made from recycled polyethylene are ideal for managing rainwater in car parks. Filled with gravel, they encourage the infiltration of rainwater into the ground. Their structure keeps the pebbles perfectly in place, and the thick walls are ideal for high-traffic car parks, such as shopping centre car parks, supermarket car parks, multi-storey car parks, etc. 

NIDAGRAVEL NG040 gravel stabilisers are used to create driveways, fire access roads or parking areas for camper vans.

White marking studs can be supplied to mark out parking spaces. Specially designed to clip into the NG040 grid, the parking bollards are easy to install and resistant to vehicle traffic.

Where a large number of parking spaces are planned, an expansion joint should be installed every 10 metres, using the nidaplast expansion accessory. Two expansion joints can be clipped onto each grid.

Product-related applications

Urban parking in stabilized gravel

Urban parking in stabilized gravel

The nidagravel IG040 is ideal for stabilizing gravel in urban areas. The nidagravel IG040 gravel stabilizer slab is recommended for the construction of parking lots.

Areas for motorhomes

Areas for motorhomes

The nidagravel IG040 tiles are ideal for creating parking areas for camper-type vehicles. The thick walls of the slab (3 to 5 mm) allow movement on it without damaging the walls.