The nidagravel gravel stabilizer is large in size, it is a honeycomb plate specially designed for gravel surface coating.

A nidagravel alveolar panels covers 2.88 m2. It saves time when carrying out your projects. Without mechanical anchoring, the stabilizer is easy to install and makes it possible to create paths in parks and gardens, paths in cemeteries, car parks, public places, gravel terraces ...

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Alveolar slabs for permeable ground

Nidagravel is an alternative to traditional coatings and is ideal for maintaining soil permeability. The nidagravel gravel stabilizer makes it possible to manage rainwater on the plot, as close as possible to its point of fall. Rainwater seeps through the honeycomb gravel plate which limits runoff on the plot. No more puddles of water in your driveways!

Robust gravel stabilizer with high compressive strength (> 400 T / m2)

The nidagravel allows the occasional passage of vehicles. In turning areas, gravel can be driven out through the wheel passage. Favor mix-materials in its passage areas and ensure that the gravel covers the cells by 1 to 2 cm.

The gravel is trapped in the cells (50 mm in diameter) which hold it perfectly in place. Unsightly ruts, annoying puddles and dangerous potholes are just a bad memory.

To ensure good filling of the cells, favor 6/10 or 8/15 type gravel, which is not friable.

The nidagravel honeycomb tiles have a porous geotextile on the underside. This canvas prevents gravel from getting under the plates and pushing upward on them over time. The geotextile also serves as a canvas limiting the passage of plant roots.

  • 1 nidagravel 30 mm thick pallet contains 78 pieces, i.e. 224.64 m2
  • 1 nidagravel 40 mm thick pallet contains 58 pieces, i.e. 167.04 m2

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Garage entrance in gravel

Garage entrance in gravel

The nidagravel can be used to arrange driveways. The compressive strength of nidagravel honeycomb slabs allows the passage of light and occasional vehicles.