Honeycomb panels for the storage and temporary retention of rainwater on flat roofs.

Rainwater is temporarily stored in the cells, thus limiting runoff. The nidaroof participates in the creation of a layer of water that will not be returned to the natural environment and is evacuated by evaporation or evapotranspiration.

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Honeycomb panels for blue roof

Nidaroof are polypropylene panels measuring 2400x1200 mm. These are honeycomb panels composed of 95% void and offering high compressive strength thanks to their honeycomb structure. (Short-term vertical compressive strength: 300 kPa)

Complying with municipal regulations for rainwater management and responding to technical space and infrastructure problems, the nidaroof is an economical alternative solution for maximum optimization of urban space.

Very light, flexible and covered with a porous geotextile, nidaroof honeycomb sheets are easy to install and resistant to compression.

The nidaroof is part of the wateroof concept, the fruit of the joint development of Siplast, BMI group, European leader in waterproofing design, and nidaplast (under New Technique Survey carried out by Socotec).

  • Several thicknesses are available:Height 40 mm

Rainwater storage capacity: 109 liters

Presence of a non-woven fabric on one side: PET 150 g / m2

Packaging: 56 pieces / pallet, i.e. 161.28 m2

  • Height 60 mm

Rainwater storage capacity: 164 liters

Presence of a non-woven fabric on one side: PET 150 g / m2

Packaging: 37 pieces / pallet, i.e. 106.56 m2

  • Height 100 mm

Rainwater storage capacity: 274 liters

Presence of a non-woven - side 1: PET 150 g / m2 - side 2: 25 g / m2

Packaging: 22 pieces / pallet, i.e. 63.36 m2

  • Height 520 mm

Rainwater storage capacity: 1423 liters

Presence of a non-woven material on both sides: PET 45g / m2

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