Nidaplast RA are extruded polypropylene honeycomb blocks and panels. Nidaplast RA lightweight backfills are ultra light and resistant. These honeycomb structures are the recommended solution for the realization of a landscaped backfill, a road backfill or a building backfill in the event that fluctuations in the water level in the ground are to be feared and from there, they considerably strengthen risky soils and protect them from landslides.

The realization of a light backfill allows to reduce the vertical or horizontal stresses applied to the support soil or to the structures on which the light materials are placed. Thanks to the use of nidaplast RA, the backfill can receive on the surface either vegetation, or pedestrian traffic areas or accessible to light and heavy vehicles.

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Honeycomb blocks for lightweight backfill

The lightened backfill makes it possible to:

  • reduce or cancel the settlements of a compressible support soil,
  • limit the vertical and lateral forces exerted on a structure in order to optimize and reduce the cost of the structures on which the backfill is placed.

The nidaplast RA lightweight backfill comes in the form of blocks or panels.

Length: 2400 mm - Width: 1200 mm - Thicknesses: 40 - 60 - 100 - 120 - 150 or 520 mm

Composed of 95% vacuum, nidaplast RA backfills are light and easy to handle. The size of the cells is 50 mm. Their alveolar structure gives them high compressive strength. Nidaplast offers 3 compressive strengths: 400 kPa - 500 kPa - 600 kPa.

A heat-bonded non-woven fabric (in PET 45g / m2) is on each side of the blocks or honeycomb panels.

The permissible backfill height above nidaplast RA blocks can reach 4.30 m (for nidaplast RA 600 blocks).

Nidaplast RA lightweight backfill is resistant to chemicals, microorganisms, mold and rodents, unlike polystyrene lightweight backfill. Nidaplast RA backfills are insensitive to fluctuations in water level and load absorption in wet conditions.

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Product-related applications

Lightweight backfill above existing ground

Lightweight backfill above existing ground

The realization of a landscaped backfill (and Building) serves to develop the space by creating aesthetic and functional volumes without causing the same constraints as a traditional backfill.

Bank development

Bank development

The development of banks consists of erecting along a bank damaged by erosion, a retaining "wall" and filling the space left empty by nidaplast panels or blocks.