AZbox: rainwater retention and infiltration system from the SAUL family 

Nidaplast created and designed the AZbox in polypropylene.

AZbox modules are considered as Ultralight Alveolar Structures (SAUL) as defined in the IFSTTAR technical guide. This is a practical solution to flooding that is based on a buried stormwater management system.

These modules allow:

  • Retention of rainwater when the structure is wrapped in a waterproof geomembrane.

In this case, the studs can store large quantities of water during heavy rains, thus promoting the gradual flow towards the receiving environment. In order for water to be stored and evacuated under the best possible conditions, AZbox modules are integrated into a complete, reliable and long-lasting system, favored by an integrated distribution channel, for a minimized operating cost.

  • Infiltration of rainwater into the subsoil when the structure is not designed to be waterproof. The structure is then wrapped in a geotextile. In this case, the surplus rainwater collected and temporarily stored by the AZbox studs and plates is gradually infiltrated depending on the permeability of the soil.

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