The nidagravel solution makes it possible to stabilize the gravel in order to create garden paths, footpaths or vehicular lanes.

The nidagravel is available in three formats: Nidagravel 130/140, Nidagravel 129/139, Nidagravel IG040

Stabilization of landscaped gravel

Nidagravel 130/140

The largest gravel stabilizer on the market. Dimensions 2400x1200 mm.

These cellular sheets are suitable for quick and easy installation and allow you to create garden paths, public paths, pedestrian areas or cemetery paths.

Nidagravel 130 (3 cm thick) or nidagravel 140 (4 cm thick) are available from many resellers and materials distributors in France and abroad.

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Nidagravel 129/139

The small gravel stabilization plate. Three dimensions to choose from: 1200x800 mm or 1600x1200 mm or 800x800 mm.

These hollow-core slabs can be easily transported in the trunk of a car and allow outdoor installations to be made, such as stone walkways, gravel terraces, access paths, etc.

Nidagravel 129/139 is available from reseller distributors.

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Stabilization of gravel in an urban environment

Nidagravel IG040

Flexible and robust slab (500x500 mm) ideal for gravel parking lots. The nidagravel IG040 tiles allow water to pass through for good infiltration into the ground.

The nidagravel IG040 gravel stabilizers are honeycomb plates specially designed for gravel, they allow the creation of permeable gravel parking lots, such as shopping center car parks, parking areas, camper vans...

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